Gallaghers Bakery Social Compliance


Aran Ard Teoranta T/A Gallagher’s Bakery is committed to conducting all of our business with integrity, social responsibility and consistent with all legal requirements and ethical standards in any of the countries we conduct business. We endorse the ETI Base Code.

Forced prison or child labour is not used in any means though-out our supply chain. Employment is freely chosen. Wages and other payments meet statutory provisions, are clearly defined and paid out on a regular basis. Workers are compensated for overtime work. Workers are given a safe and healthy work environment to prevent any injuries or accidents. Proper lighting, sanitary and working conditions are provided to meet local laws and acceptable worldwide standards. We respect freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.


We will abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will to work minimize our environmental footprint to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.
We expect any sub-suppliers to share our values towards a clean and safe environment.

Discrimination Free Policy

The work environment is to be 100% free of any abuse (either mental, physical or emotional), harassment or intolerance. Our employees are allowed to express their concerns without any worry of retribution for such grievances. We will not tolerate any type of discrimination in hiring and employment practices based on race, creed, colour, sex, age , national origin  or religious affiliation.

Declan Gallagher
Managing Director

On Behalf of Aran Ard Teo T/A Gallagher’s Bakery